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Music Biz 101

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Dr Brian Cochran


These online courses is geared toward the artists or bands who wants to start his or her own independent Record company, and the those who have an established label and would like to see that business grow and expand. Most labels  fail in business because they make avoidable mistakes! These courses teaches you what those mistakes are and how to avoid them.
Vital information and training for the music business: developing a mission statement and creating a dynamic business plan. Critical information designed to increase profits. Publishing, copy righting, cash management, important contracts, sources of financing, accounts receivable management, business coaching, and methods to reduce risk. Additional modules on Financial management, marketing, PR, sales and distribution.
   Music Business 101 Course Topics

Lesson 1: Finding the Right Label

·       A Quick History of Majors and Indies

·       What Is a Major Label?

·       What Is a Subsidiary Label?

·       What Is an Independent Label?

Lesson 2: Picking the Right Deal

·       Looking at the Artist/A&R Relationship

·       The Production Deal

·       Label Deals

·       Joint Ventures

·       Pressing and Distribution Deals

·       Cross Collateralization

·       Foreign Licensing

Lesson 3: Protecting Your Interests

·       Resources and Associations

·       Forming Your Business

·       Taking Care of the Band's Business

·       When Your Name Is Your Business

·       Registering a Name

·       Protecting Your Work

Lesson 4: Signing the Deal

·       How Long?

·       Who Owns the Record?

·       Generating Royalty Streams: How Labels and Artists Protect their Earnings

·       Royalties

Lesson 5: Reasons That Record Deals Get Broken

·       When the Artist is Under Eighteen Years Old

·       The Seven-Year Rule and You

·       The Key man Clause

·       Declaring Bankruptcy

·       Just Walk Away

·       When the Contract Amounts to a Restraint of Trade

Lesson 6: Making the Record

·       Determining Your Budget

·       Choosing the Studio

·       Choosing the Producer and Engineer

·       Mastering

Lesson 7: Preparing for Your Record Release

·       Getting Your Paperwork in Order: The Mechanical License

·       Getting Your Permissions Together: Sampling

·       Preparing for Manufacture

·       Creating the Cover: Artwork, Graphic Design, or Photograph?

·       Getting Your Information Together

·       Getting Your UPC Bar Code

·       Choosing Your Format and Configuration

·       Picking Your Manufacturer

·       Preparing Your Market

·       Artist's Merchandise

·       Getting Airplay


Lesson 8: Building a Market

·       Overview of the Major Label Marketing Process

·       Radio

·       Getting Publicity

·       Touring

·       Getting Your Record into Stores

·       Finding a Distributor

·       Preparing the One-Sheet

·       Working out the Deal

Lesson 9: Managing Your Career

·       Putting Together the Artist Team

·       The Varied Roles of an Artist Manager

·       The Manager's Responsibilities

·       Signing a Management Agreement

·       The Road Manager

·       Business Managers

·       Attorneys

·       Booking Agents

·       Independent Contractor vs. Employee

·       Signing an Employment Agreement

Lesson 10: To Self-Publish or Not?

·       Background on Music Publishing

·       Different Sources of Music Publishing Royalties

·       The Publishing Deal

·       Different Types of Publishing Deals

·       Types of Publishing Income

·       Is Self-Publishing Right for You?

Lesson 11: Licensing Music: Opening New Doors

·       Using Music in Film, Television, and Other Media

·       Video Games

·       Music on Your Phone

Lesson 12: What's Next?

·       Entertainment Marketing: A New Approach to Selling Records

·       Record Labels Redefining Themselves

·       Royalty Administration

·       Thinking Outside the Box: Starbuck's Coffee

·       Music Publishers Working Out a Solution

Music Business
Course will also train on how to develop:      
  • Marketing & Business Plans (Business plan and P.R., press kits, packaging, printing, CD releases)
  • Gig Swaps, Touring
    Showing you how to hook up with other bands and artists for gig swapping to maximize your tour schedule.
  • Pitching Corporate Sponsors
    Ideas on how to reach potential sponsors.
  • Myspace & YouTube marketing & promotions
    Need help or new ideas on marketing yourself on such as Myspace and YouTube? Brian Cochran has written e-booklets about it!
  • Web Site Marketing, EPK, Emails, Newsletters
    Help spruce up your web site and promote it, help you with your EPK, develop an email marketing campaign, and more!
  • Resources, resources, and more resources!
    With over 28 years in the music business, Musicpreneurs has an amazing amount of resources available at her fingertips!
  • Motivating you to reach your potential
    We know every now and then we all need a jump start to get ourselves going. 
  • Musicpreneurs Institute is here to educate & motivate!
  • Continued Education
    Musicpreneur Institute hosts music business webinars every week!