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Online Music Business 101

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Dr Brian Cochran


The Music industry has been going through great changes for you as an independent in recent years.  With the invention of the internet, independent recording artists and labels that have axes to the marketplace or known as the World Wide Web, instead of just the neighborhoods where the artist lives.  It's no longer necessary for you to get a major recording contract in order for your music to be heard or sold.  This book shows you how to use your greatest marketing and promotion tool available as independent artists: The Internet.

 Need every few things before you can efficiently start your Internet marketing campaign:

  • A product (Band, Artist or musical entity)
  • The name for your business/band.
  • The Name of your band.
  • One or more original songs, already recorded.  If you have a covered band, and you don't have your own niche Arial, you might be violating copyright laws by making progress songs available for download.  Of course, you can always get your license to record songs from the current owner of the copyright.   (Go to either phatx.com or GWW1.com and in the file library are various forms on obtaining the information on how to get permission to reuse a song.
 As you go through this book you will find our various terms at the Internet uses that you will need to learn.  We were taught in addition to these terms gently, and explain what all the cold words mean as we bring them up.  Because is both starting with the basics will also provide you with links for more information about online various topics, in cases its something you want or need to know more information about that subject.

Table of Content

Online Music Business 101 Introduction

Chapter 1   If you build it, They will come

Chapter 2 Getting Noticed

Chapter 3  You're Here - Now Buy Something

Chapter 4   Getting The Word Out

Chapter 5  Using the Internet for market research

Chapter 6  Serving Up Songs

Chapter 7  Creating Community Online