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Are you a ministry that is looking for a way to make your Internet foot print?
The IM Tool Suite

IM Tool Suite is an extremely user-friendly, fully functional, Network/Internet marketing software solution made especially for those who are tired of or intimidated by their computers or techie marketing strategies. Sleepless nights trying to figure out just what one wants to do and how best to do it are gone forever as well as having to determine which Internet tool is best for one’s solutions. Everything comes within one easy to use software package and all for a low monthly fee.

Below are just some of the extraordinary features found within this incredible marketing software platform.

An Instant Point and Click Capture Page CreatorIM Tool Suite contains completely directly responsive and fully customizable features which include: text selection, images enhancing, video integration and tracking. It is also fully integrable with the Aweber online marketing system.

A Built-In Contact ManagerIM Tool Suite knows the value of maintaining a flexible management of business and client contacts and being able to send/receive messages, keep detailed follow-up notes and set up follow-up calendar reminders.

Facebook GreeterIM Tool Suite leads the charge with social networking and being able to have every confirmed Facebook contact receive a personal message from you on their wall. This is one time and labor saving feature well worth this software package alone.

Video HostingIM Tool Suite has really outdone itself with this option. Now you and your partners will be able to receive virtually unlimited video hosting services as part of this superb package.

Live Video Greeter – Now IM Tool Suite provides the opportunity for you to connect with your prospects live via a specially set up capture page and/or by leaving an email message for them stating of your desire to chat with them.

A Real Time Live Chat functionality from IM Tool Suite will be an added piece to your marketing arsenal by having your own chat room service.

Instant eSig Creator – With this IM Tool Suite esig designer, custom signatures for emails, websites, and ebusiness cards can be created using images, links and social buttons. As an added bonus there is an option for enabling a tracking feature and creating multiple signatures.

Web Conference Room – Now in addition to all of the other features, IM Tool Suite has implemented as part of its software platform an MLM conferencing apparatus holding up to 250 attendees. With an easy to use screen sharing mechanism and live video streaming capability this web conference room service also has text/chat service, whiteboard plus file sharing and an easy to use recording device feature.

Video Email – An Video Email System from IM Tool Suite is available which provides a huge selection of pre-designed company templates and an advanced tracking system that allows reporting on when, where and how long the videos are watched by prospects and clients.

Email Autoresponder – The Email Autoresponder is uniquely included with this service permitting unlimited contacts entries, email campaigns, message creation templates and a fully functional built-in tracking system reporting every time an email of yours gets clicked and opened.

Now online business persons can have all of these extraordinary features wrapped up into one outstanding package instead of buying a fragmented business solution. Everything imaginable to make a first time or experienced business person successful is now included with the excellent IM Tool Suite package.

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