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Church Marketing Solutions

We understand—as you do—that telling your church’s story in a way that is compelling involves thinking carefully about how you communicate in every interaction you have with those in your community. So while we remain more committed than ever to creating great new cards (see the new cards we’ve added recently), we recognize that direct mail cards are just a part of a comprehensive church communication strategy.

Our Marketing department Biz Help 101 offers solutions to help churches, ministries to start, and grow such as:


  • Logo & Identity Packages
  • Brand Strategy, Consultation, & Design
  • New Church Plant Packages
  • Special Event Packages
  • Website Design
  • Print Collateral
  • Other Design Services
  • Consulting / Project Management
  • Internet Solutions- Webcasting, Internet Radio and more...


Each of these projects are elements of a comprehensive church communication strategy, and our talented team of creative has wide-ranging experience in helping churches think through their brand communication. 

We are not trying to sell, to bait and switch, or to create an exchange (to put it in the lingo of traditional "marketing”), but rather to simply let the world know that your church exists, and that it exists because it bears a message worth repeating. We believe we live in an age when a church’s ability to communicate—to engage those in its community—is more important than ever. For more on our marketing and promotions, check out These Articles

So, without further ado, we unveil the old, the new, and the not so new. 

Click on a service to the below to learn more about what we might be able to do to help your church communications take off.